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We are organic wine-makers living in the town of Horitschon. Our wines are carefully crafted to echo the soil and climate that have come to be known from central Burgenland. We place value on both quality and time, movement and variety when incorporating our work into Mother Nature and you can taste this vitality in the wines themselves. The Blaufränker in particular begets outstanding wines that are one-of-a-kind.

What drives us

The 16 hectares of land we live and work on is teeming with diversity, and we would like to keep it that way.

We proudly…

•    follow organic guidelines

•    assist a biodiversity of species (through insect hotels, greenery, shrubs)

•    reinforce the native soil composition (through greening plants, closed loop agriculture)

•    house beneficials and birds (by planting trees every 1/8 mile).

And we are all too happy to forgo…

•    herbicides for "weed control"

•    synthetic (chemical) fungicides

•    mineral fertilizers.


From our vinyard to the cellar

Coming home

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