About us

Bauer Pöltl Weingarten Kathi Daniel


I was born and raised in Innsbruck, where movement and curiosity was instilled into every aspect of my being. I worked in research after receiving my masters degree in microbiology and genetics at the University of Vienna. Even then, I loved trying out new things. And these qualities haven’t changed one bit since becoming an organic wine-maker! I have loved baking bread and finding "Do It Yourself"-projects for years now, as much as finding that critical balance between consumption, sustainability, and technology in the modern age. Being outside with my two young boys is where I find my peace and revitalize my inner strength. Yoga has been a part of my daily life since years. In June 2019 I finally did my  RYT-200 hrs Yoga-Teachertraining in Thailand - Ko Samui.


I grew up here in these very same wine gardens and chose to receive my formal wine education in the city of Klosterneuburg. Following that, I interned in Italy, California, and South Africa all before completing a course in Wine Management while I was still working. Over time, my perspective on our conduct in this world has changed dramatically, so that now I can appreciate the freedom I have in creating wines of such high quality, regardless of what is hip and trending. Finding a balance between wine-growing, family, and my own personal peace has proven to be moving, challenging, rewarding, and so much more.

 Our Lands

We couldn’t have asked for a greater gift. Our basin opens itself eastward into the Hungarian lowlands, which grace our wine gardens from spring all the way through fall with their soothing, warm air. This land was formed millions of years ago by the ancient Pannonian Sea and what makes these lands so exceptional is the large proportion of clay beneath the surface. That is what gives our wines so much of their character, not to mention the iron already stored in the soil which grants our red wine its long life.

 The Cellar

We love our cellar, first and foremost as a safe place to age our wines, which is why we only allow heavy traffic during harvest. The grapes are first brought in and gently processed, then stored in wooden oak barrels. Large or small, old or new – we have a variety of barrels at our disposal to be used as needed. There is no question that the wood we choose plays an important role, but it certainly does not dominate the process. Our best Blaufränker, for example, age inside of 500-liter barrels.

Here, too, we forgo the use of…

•    cleaning agents containing chlorine

•    vacuum evaporators or reverse osmosis

•    sugar or concentrates containing sugar for augmentation

•    selected yeasts

•    pectolytic enzymes

•    bacteria cultures for acid reduction

•    fining agents like gelatin or bentonite

•    tannins

•    gum arabic.